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Canadian Museum of Rail and Travel

Work continues at the Canadian Museum of Rail and Travel in Cranbrook, BC on restoring CP FA2 4090 and FB2 4469. The primer paint job has been done for the MLW FA-2 #4090 and FB-2 #4469. On 4090, the underframe and truckshave been painted black, the windows are removed, as well as the mounted number boards on the 4090. Since this photo was taken, Scaffolding has been erected around the unit. Also, a bit of sad news, the preserved Elko station which is adjacent to the 4090 and 4469 recently sustained some fire damage of a suspicious nature on the front section of the station around the soffit area, around the door, and also in the roof, again see the attached images and newspaper article from Cranbrook’s Daily Townsman newspaper.

Revelstoke Railway Museum:

The Fort Steele Heritage Town - Cranbrook, BC
Jennifer Dunkerson; General Manager
Friends of Fort Steele Society
Fort Steele Heritage Town,  Fort Steele, BC
Phone: 250-417-6000
Kamloops Railway Historical Society:

The passenger car recently purchased by the Friends of Battle River Railway from the Kamloops historical society. They're goal is to promote the communities along the line and boost tourism. Taken Aug 27, 2013. Taken in Forestburg, Alberta. (David Zulkowski photo)

CRHA - E&N Division

West Coast Railway Association (WCRA)

Kettle Valley Railway Society (KVSR)

Rocky Mountaineer - Vancouver, BC

Fraser Valley Heritage Railway Museum – Surrey, BC.

British Columbia Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society

A collection of 23 vintage Canadian rail coaches as well as famous locomotive (VIA FP9Au 6300) stored in a New Westminster, BC warehouse is in danger of being broken up. Rip Peterman, the President of the B.C. Chapter of the National Railways Historical Society, said his group has until April 2014 to find a new home for the train cars that date from the 1940s to the 1960s, which have been lovingly restored in a back corner of a giant industrial warehouse next to the Braid SkyTrain station. The warehouse will be demolished by developer Bentall Kennedy to make way for Sapperton Green, a 38-acre mixed-use development including office buildings, retail and residential Peterman said many of the rail cars might end up in the United States. Some of the coaches may get dismantled by other collectors for parts. They also own ex-VIA FP9Au 6300, donated by VIA from VMC a few years back.

"This is probably the biggest operable collection in Canada," said Peterman. "We would like to keep it. But with the clock ticking the group, which is comprised of six active railway buffs plus volunteers who come and go as projects develop, faces some daunting obstacles. Peterman said the space they've occupied in the warehouse for 28 years is unique because it affords them the room to store the coaches inside, safe from the crowbars and screwdrivers of metal thieves and unscrupulous collectors looking for notable components, as well as access to a main rail line from an unused dead-end spur.

The group finances its acquisitions by booking out the trains for private functions, tours and even movie shoots. Peterman said efforts to move the collection, even in a pared-down state, to new locations in Coquitlam and Port Moody have fallen through because property in the Lower Mainland is "too valuable" to set aside a chunk large enough to park a long train. "That's how all our dreams and aspirations get crushed," said Peterman, who noted the group's work to acquire and restore rail cars has pretty much ground to a halt since last September when they rolled out their restoration of the diesel-electric locomotive that was infamously in the consist of the VIA Rail passenger train that collided with a freight train outside Hinton, Alberta in 1986, killing 23 people

Peterman said a proposal by the group to straighten a section of the spur line and set aside a small back corner of Sapperton Green for a historical working museum that includes a covered workshop, a pit for undercarriage repairs and a viewing gallery for the public to see them at work as well as appreciate the collection has so far fallen on deaf ears

But they're not giving up.


Royal Canadian Pacific Luxury Train

Alberta Railway Museum – Edmonton, AB

Alberta  Railway Museum – Bieseker, AB

The museum has two MLW switchers:  Ex-CP RS-23 8017 (ex- Saskferco - Belle Plain, Saskatchewan), and Ex-CN S13u 8704 (donated by CANAC).

Alberta Central Railway Museum - Wetaskiwin, AB

Wainwright Rail Preservation Society - Wainwright, AB

The Wainwright Rail Preservation Society owns ex-CN GMDD1 1404 and ex-CN FPB4 686and they 1created the Wainwright Rail Park and have a website is located at which has their full contact info, galleries with 1404 and 6861, and other interesting items.

The Alberta Prairie Railway Excursions – Stettler, AB
Rocky Mountain Railway Society:

Alberta 2005 Centennial Railway Museum Society

Galt Historic Railway Park



Southern Prairie Railway
Ogema Heritage Railway Association

Southern Prairie Railway Recap: (By Ken McKutcheon)

2013 has been a busy year for the SPR Tourist Railway in that they received two new pieces of equipment. Alco T-6 (SLSX) #46 arrived in Assiniboia June 26th, and CP train K31 with CP 9004 4414 and 3014 after the move from New Westminster, BC to Assiniboia, SK. It was originally Portland Terminal 46 and then NBTX 804 in North Vancouver. Photo One depicts the train arriving Assiniboia.

On July 6th the Sleeper-buffet-lounge No. 1089,Cape Tormentine, built by Pullman-Standard in 1954, and arrived at Assiniboia, SK on CP K31 powered with 3053 4424 3068 and 3071. Photo Two shows the train arriving Assiniboia.

Shortly after arrival in Assiniboia both pieces of equipment were moved off GWR/CP property out to Willows on the Red Coat Railway. Photo Three shows SLSX 46 and Cape Tormentine at Willows, SK.

In addition to making their regular runs between Ogema and Horizon/Pangman, SPR was also called upon by the communities of Lafleche and Shaunavon to help them celebrate their 100 year centennial events on June 28th and July 19th respectfully. The equipment used for this was 44 tonner 15, coach Mt. Holly and cab PGE 1836.

On the June 27th westward run over to Lafleche the SPR was called upon to dump a few cars of ballast for Red Coat Rail just east of Verwood. Photo Four shows the five (5) ex CN gravel hoppers, SPR 15, Mt Holly and PGE 1836. It is anticipated that SLSX 46 will be up and running for 2014.

You may follow the Southern Prairie Railway on Facebook for upcoming events, and comments and reactions from the many riders they had this year.


A Battleford Saskatchewan Farmer and railfan Gary Southgate, has been collecting vintage railroad equipment of Canadian Pacific and Canadian National heritage in the hopes of establishing a railroad museum in Saskatchewan. One piece he owns, the “Cape Tormentine” an ex-CN lounge sleeper that was at the Florida Railway Museum, was repatriated to Canada this summer, and has been moved to Ogema, SK for repairs and storage on the Red Coat Road and Rail line. This car is privately owned by a farmed railfan. He now has 14 pieces of rail equipment purchased from owners across the Canada and the United States, including an operational CN FP9 and several passenger cars. But his biggest prize is Canadian Pacific Northern 4-8-4 No. 3101. The 4-8-4, on display at the former IPSCO steel plant in Regina since the 1960s, would head up a train of CP equipment that Southgate hopes to acquire. CPR 3101 was constructed in October 1928 by CP’s Angus Shops in Montreal and was one of two 4-8-4s owned by Canadian Pacific. The other, No. 3100, is on display at the Canadian Science & Technology Museum in Ottawa. The two CP Northern’s were orphans on the roster, but worked continuously for 25 years on overnight passenger trains between Montreal and Toronto. Before their retirement in 1960, they were converted to burn oil and worked freight trains in the prairie provinces. CPR 3101 was sold to IPSCO in 1965, but instead of scrapping it, placed it on display at the plant. In addition to the locomotive, IPSCO also saved and displayed CP caboose No. 437034, and CP business car No. 36, the Francis E. Shaw, built in 1929. The business car was heated in the winter and air-conditioned in the summer so the interior is in excellent condition. Both cars were included in the deal with Southgate. For now, No. 3101 and cars remain at the steel plant.

For his Canadian National train, Southgate has purchased ex-CN/VIA FP9 6304 from owner Phillip Sheridan. The unit, built in 1954 as CN No. 6509, is presently being in freight service on the Washington & Idaho Railway painted in Southern Pacific “black widow” colors, but Southgate plans to move it to Canada and repaint it in CN’s 1954 green and black paint scheme. He is also looking for a CN A and B unit set that, with No. 6509, would head up his display of CN passenger cars. CN cars Southgate has already purchased include:

To bring up the rear of his train, Southgate purchased former Wisconsin Central business car Superior. The car is on the move this week, with its ultimate destination being the Wainwright Rail Park in Wainwright, Alberta for storage.

Southgate also purchased another ex-CN sleeper from the Medina (N.Y.) Railroad Museum and is in the process of trying to find a vintage CN café-diner. “I’ve tracked one down but I’m not sure it’s for sale yet,” Southgate says. All his CN cars will be painted in the 1954 scheme.

For his largest pieces, such as the steam and diesel locomotives, Southgate hopes to someday construct a building for them. “It’s a plan in the making and it takes a lot of money to make it all happen,” he says.

The museum will be located in Battleford, SK about 80 miles northwest of Saskatoon. “We only have two big centers in Saskatchewan, one is Saskatoon and the second one is Regina. A third choice might be Moose Jaw because it was and is a CP hub. I haven’t crossed that bridge yet; I have to approach different people to see if I can find a site to set this up,” Southgate says. “I figure it will take three or four years to get everything accomplished. First I have to acquire the equipment, because if I walk into somebody’s building telling them I want to set up a rail museum and I didn’t own a car they wouldn’t even look at me.”Southgate remains on the lookout for more equipment, particularly to represent Canadian Pacific along with No. 3101. He’s also searching for vintage station equipment memorabilia for the museum. To assist the project with donations, or with questions contact Mr. Southgate: Phone: 306-937-2857



Winnipeg Railway Museum:

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Southern Ontario Locomotive Restoration Society:

CNR 4-6-2 #5588 has been repainted and fixed up:

SOLRS 0-4-0T #124 with her water tank reinstalled. St. Jacobs Repair Shop May 18th, 2012, Photo by Carson Wiebe

Waterloo Central Railway

Niagara Railway Museum

Ken Jones – Director

In December 1923 wood boxcar #26471 was constructed for the Grand Trunk Railway, and later became CN boxcar #346671. 1936 saw the boxcar rebuilt into a flanger by CN and became #56452 before being retired in 1980. The car was acquired by the City of Welland Chamber of Commerce and placed near the old Niagara St. Catharine’s & Toronto Railway line, and became a tourist information booth at the corner of East Main St and Prince Charles Dr.

By the year 2000, the info booth was no longer open, and subsequently fell victim to arson. The car was deemed a total loss. With the significant damage, the car was destined for scrapping when Trillium Railway in Port Colborne stepped in and acquired the car. The body was stripped and the remaining frame moved to storage in Welland. Initial plans were to use the car for a shoving platform for back up moves in Thorold. However, a more suitable caboose was found and the flanger was left in the weeds.In 2011, the Museum was approached and asked if we would be interested in having the car for the museum. On September 29th, 2012, the flanger was loaded onto a float and made it’s final trip to the NRM shop at Fort Erie from Dain City near Welland.

The car currently resides inside the Museum shop, awaiting restoration. The future rebuild will not allow the car to be in an operable state, but will be able to be used to house a display on how the railways dealt with snow in Canada.

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The Bytown Railway Society – Ottawa, ON

Chatham Railway Museum

Orangeville – Brampton Railway “Credit Valley Explorer”

Owen Sound Marine and Railway Museum
Tourists and locals who visited the former CN train station recently said the city's decision to cut funding to the Marine & Rail Museum inside the station and move it and the tourist office out in order to lease the space, was a mistake. The train station was part of the annual Doors Open tour of heritage buildings and significant local places. By mid-afternoon more than 100people had visited, many of whom asked at the tourist office if there was a petition they could sign calling for the museum to stay open. City council has authorized staff to seek proposals from potential tenants for the CN station. City council agreed last October to close the museum, move artifacts to other locations and relocate tourism staff to city hall. Some of the exhibits are intended to go to Grey Roots, the county museum outside the city, and to the Billy Bishop Museum, a letter on that museum's website says. There is no firm date to close the station. The earliest closing date would be “months away,” city economic development manager Steve Furness said. It depends on the proposals received. The city's preference is to keep the building occupied until a new tenant is found. He also said moving the tourism office to city hall is just one idea. The city-owned CP station, just across the harbour, has been for lease since 2011 and has received about $200,000worth of refurbishment, $20,000 of it with city money. So far there've been no takers. Sandra Parks, the city heritage planning co-ordinator, said the CN station. (Thanks to Tempo Jr.)

Huntsville and Lake of Bays Railway Society

Elgin County Railway Museum

Toronto Railway Heritage Association (and Museum).

York Durham Heritage Railway

Halton County Railway Museum

Northern Ontario Railway Museum & Heritage Center - Capreol, ON

The Canada Science & Technology Museum -  Ottawa, ON.

GTR/CN/GOT/VIA Freeman/Burlington Ontario station moving date:

Goderich CPR Station on the Move - Youtube Video

The Palmerston Railway Heritage Association

Railway Museum of Eastern Ontario (RMEO)

South Simcoe Heritage Railway

David Brooks submitted his photo of refurbished South Simcoe Heritage Railway ex-CPR stema engine #136.

The Guelph Junction Railway Museum

The Brockville Railway Tunnel

Brighton Memory Junction Museum

On October 12th, Ron Visockis was a photo field trip at The Brighton, Ontario Brighton Memory Jct. Museum. Ron photographed CNR 2534 and decided to photoshop the image for fun. Compare the images What do you think?



Fully operational CP GP9u 1608 (nee-CP 8611) was donated to Exporail and was dropped off under its own power by a CP crew on October 19th, The crew was two former CP employees who are volunteers at Exporail! Michael Berry snapped her onsite during a brief period of sunlight. Later, she would take a spin on the turntable on the way to entering Exporail's enginehouse on the 20th. She is expected to be used in many of thie sites switching moves, and is the second GP9 to join their collection, AMT GP9u 1311 was donated by the AMT a couple of years back.

Mark Davies posted the repainted LNER super streamlined A4 Pacific “Dominion of Canada" and "Dwight D Eisenhower" side by side at York, National Railway Museum, September 2013. The A4 will be coming back to Canada next year. for display at the CRHA museum at EXPORAIL in Montreal.

Hull - Wakefield Steam Train - Gatineau, QC

Orford Express Tourist Train – Sherbrooke, QC

The only EMD-built FL9 currently operating in Canada! Michael Berry caught the Orford Express crossing over the famous ex-CP Eastman Trestle on September 29th, ith FLNX FL9 484 pushing the consist.

QUEBEC CENTRAL / CP Valley Junction Station fund drive:

Trains Touristiques de Charlevoix

Francois Gagne Audet snapped (Trains Touristiques de Charlevoix) TTC 422 at Cab-au-Corbeau October 6th. The former CP RS18u (LMCX 1868) looks very good hauling the passenger consist in this very picturesque region in Quebec.

(Le train du Massif de Charlevoix)

The Navette Ferroviaire (an operation on the Massif Railway, officially began last summer. This is the current schedule:

L’Amiral Tourist Train


Moncton Transportation Museum:


The New Brunswick Railway Museum Hillsborough, NB


Nova Scotia Museum of Industry -  Stellarton, NS

Memory Lane Railway Museum - Middleton, NS

Train Station Inn - Tatamagouche, NS

Orangedale Railway Museum  - Orangedale, NS



The Orange Empire Railway Museum
(Photos courtesy Kenneth Wadden)   
Four photos


Lake Shore Railway Historical Society

The Steamtown National Historic Site


Bridge Line Historical Society – Delaware And Hudson RR.

Adirondack Scenic Railroad


The Railway Museum of New England


Monticello Railway Museum


The Iron Horse Museum - Chicago City, MN 


Museum of the American Railroad   

Founded in 1982 the museum is devoted to the railway heritage of the USA. This is their latest project:  The corporation  purchased former CN F9A 9167 from NRE in Silvis, and it is becoming Santa Fe F7A #49 in full red and silver Warbonnet paint:


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