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A southbound CSX train with CSX 976 and CSX 534 rolls past a stopped CSX intermodal headed up by CP 8903 with CP 8826 at Attica Ohio July 19th 2016

Canadian Pacific ethanol train #650 is heading south toward Rouses Point New York at St-Mathieu, QC on July 3rd on the CP Lacolle Sub. At the rear as the DPU, Union Pacific 5360 is shoving at the tail end. (Photo by Francois Jolin)

With a thunderstorm rumbling to the south, on July 18th, the Canadian Pacific TEC Train is passing the old Castle-like Napierville Junction Ry Train Station at Lacolle, QC.  CP 2241 (a GP20C-ECO) leads the short consist southbound over the CP Lacolle Sub.  (Francois Jolin) 

Kenneth Borg took these shots of CP Train #646 running eastbound on the former Wabash line at Forman Ave in Detroit, MI., on July 5th.  This heavy loaded ethanol train was led by GE's UP 5522 and NS 3625. 

On July 8, around 11:15am, the following locomotives were note at CP St-Luc Diesel Shop:

CP 2251, 2253, 2258, 2262, 2278, 2279, 2285, 3024, 3032, 3047, 3048, 3053, 3089, 3099, 3101; CP 4653, 6031, 7305, DH 7303; CP 9805, 9782, 9735, 9714, 9667, 9600, 9574, 9543, 9541, 9536, 8890, 8889, 8888, 8878, 8623, and 8531.

Locomotives noted in storage lines in Montreal in July:


CP 5690, 5773, 5788, 5795, 5833, 5903, 5928, 5942, 5946, 5949, 5993, 6042, 6613, 7310

CP 8502, 8508, 8510, 8511, 8518, 8520, 8523, 8538, 8542, 8543, 8545, 8548, 8553, 8554, 8557

CP 8566, 8567, 8573, 8574, 8575, 8578, 8580, 8630, 8640, 9502, 9503, 9515, 9516, 9520, 9521
CP 9522, 9523, 9524, 9529, 9530, 9535, 9538, 9539, 9540, 9542, 9546, 9547, 9553, 9554, 9555
CP 9558, 9559, 9560, 9566, 9570, 9571, 9573, 9575, 9576, 9577, 9578, 9580, 9581, 9582, 9589
CP 9595, 9598, 9599, 9608, 9620, 9626, 9629, 9631, 9633,9641, 9642, 9643, 9650, 9660, 9670
CP 9671, 9682, 9709  (As well as a few more stored around the yard or  being repaired inside the shop where the unit numbers could be seen).

Ready track area.

Backshop area.

Behind the shop:

At the fuel pad;

Storage tracks of tied up AC4400CW's and some GP38-2's for Cadrail

On July 17th wearing CP red dip paint scheme CP GP38-2 4428 departed Montreal, QC westbound on the Winchester Sub.  She was built By EMD in 1979 and wearing Soo Line white for most of her life, Bill Sanderson shot her at St. Paul, MN on September 23rd, 1999. 

Recently Refurbished and Repainted, John Carpentier shot CP AC4400CW 9768 in fresh Canady Apple Red outside at the St-Paul shop on July 16th. 2016.   She was delivered to CP brand newback in 2003 wearing the Golden Beaver CP Scheme.  

Former-D&H CP GP38-2 7306, and CP SD40-2 5994 sit outside the CP Weston Shops, in Winnipeg, MB, on July 18th, 2016. She was overhauled and repainted at NRE Silvis, Shop. This photo was taken Patrice Carriere from the adjacent city park.

Locomotive Trace of D&H GP38-2 locations as of July 17th, 2016:


DH 7303 A Montreal, Qc May 8 (Repairs at St-Luc Diesel Shop)

DH 7304 A Plattsburgh, NY July 15

CP 7305 A Montreal, Qc June 9 (Stored)

CP 7306 A Winnipeg. MB Unknown (at the Weston Shop)

CP 7307 A Whitehall, NY July 16

CP 7309 A Alyth, AB May 30 (Repairs at Alyth Diesel Shop)

CP 7312 A St.Paul, MN July 16

 Built by EMD as Lehigh Valley #325 (1972). Acquired by Delaware & Hudson as part of the Conrail merger (1976) and renumbered to D&H #7325. Acquired by Guilford Transportation (1983), renumbered to GTI #231. Acquired by CP (1/12/1991) and renumbered to D&H #7312. Repainted in the D&H 'Lightning' scheme (10/2000) as part of the CPR 'heritage locomotive program', named "B.C. O' Brien", sublettered "CPR Heritage Locomotive" with small CPR Beaver logo. At NRE Silvis Shop in 2013 she was repainted into standard CP Red Dip and renumbered to CP 7312. She was not returned to the D&H and remains assigned to the St-Paul Shop in Minnesota. This photo shows her just before her CP Red Dip at NRE in 2013.

On July 9th, CP Train H-20, had paired GP30C-EC) 5031 and 5045 passing by Homer, MN. (Dennis Weber).

 Continuing to show the Modern face of CP. on July 3rd, Dennis shot a quartet of matching GP20C-ECO units (CP 2216-2225-2211-2201) on the Roadswitcher local as it passed through the Amtrak Station in La Crosse, WI.

 Dennis also shows that a small few of the older units on the roster are still around! CP Train H-19 was shot in La Crosse, with SOO SD60 6053, CP SD40-2 6028, and SOO GP38-2 4438 on July 2nd. 

On June 8th, Luc Lanthier shot CP Train 143 Departing Hochelaga Yard in Montreal,QC with UP 5360 and CP 8527 at 11:30 am 

Later in the day on June 8th, CP Train 143 was shot at St-Clet, QC (Mile 29.7 on CP Winchester Sub)

CP 142 at mile 70.07 Hamilton Sub with CP 8792 and 8801 on June 18th 2016. (Chad Smith photo).

An unconfirmed rumor has been buzzing around that Canadian Pacific Railway are considering the retirement and preservation of one of their early GE AC4400CW's in the CP 9500-series.  If this rumor guides to fruition, might we suggest this very first one delivered from the GE order:  CP AC4400CW 9500 was shot by Dan Tracy Portage La Prairie MB on April 7th 2010. She is currently stored. 








CP SD40-2 News

 Several CP SD40-2's are going to survive!  CP SD40-2 6038 and 6040, (along with CP 5953, 6000, 6035 and 6060), are currently receiving mini-overhauls in Marshalltown, Iowa.

 Now the Bad News: Our most recent count of SD40-2 locomotives remaining active on the CP roster, now show only FOUR in service on the entire system. The units are: CP 6028, 6063, 6068, and 6073. The others remain stored.  As SD40-2 numbers are dwindling overall, Mark Forseille provided photos of five CP 6000-series snoot nosed SD40-2's. These were part of the last of standard SD40-2 model purchased from GMD London during 1980-1982. As well, Bruce Chapman kindly provided the month/year that each was placed in storage and their current status.   All of Mark's photos were shot at the CP yard in Coquitlam, BC on the dates posted.  

CP 6037 is parked on the "arrival tracks" waiting to be serviced with Candy Apple Red SOO SD60 6612. Later that day it was sent on an Eastbound back to Calgary, AB in May 2003.  Today, CP 6037 remains Tied Up Unserviceable in Thunder Bay, ON (May 2016).

CP 6038 is parked on one of the Storage Tracks at Coquitlam Yard in Feb 2000. Today, CP 6038 is Tied Up Unserviceable in the CP yard in St. Paul, MN (Mar 2016).

CP 6039 is parked on the arrival tracks at the facility in April 2001. CP 6039 was retired in 2012, and was rebuilt into SD30C-ECO 5005 at the EMD/Progress Rail Shop in Paducah, KY 2013.

Mark's photo of CP SD40-2 6040 taken back on September 21st, 2000, has a short story.  Back then, one of the CP Engine Attendants (now long retired) was named Boris.  His fellow CP workers called him "Papa Boris".  He saw Mark Forseille with his camera on that day (Sept 21, 2000). He asked Mark which engine did he need a photo of?  So he told him the 6040.  So, Boris pushed a set of units off the fuel rack, and cut the loco off in front of the 6040 out in the open just for Mark to capture this nice 3/4 roster shot!  Shortly after his shots, they coupled her back up, and moved her over the ready track area. From time to time in the old days, he'd make a coffee run for the afternoon CP crew especially for Boris to Tim Horton's.  (It is Always a good idea to thank any Railroad employees that takes time to talk with you and especially those that offer kindness towards a railfan).  It has served your CRO Editor well over the years!  CP 6041 is shown parked on the arrival tracks at Coquitlam Yard in September 1999. Today, CP 6040 remains Tied Up Unserviceable at Mason City, Iowa (Apr 2016).

CP 6041 was shot in Coquitlam, BC on September 1st, 1999. Today CP 6041 remains Tied Up Unserviceable at the CP yard in Winnipeg, MB (May 2016).

Stored Motive Power News

 As of July 15th, there were more than 650 units in storage the majority being SD40-2, and AC4400CW models.  These CP units are stored  at St. Paul, Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary and in Coquitlam, BC. This includes several dozen GP38-2 4-axle Yard units as well.

 The reasoning for storage is obviously due to the poor economy. CP's Q2 results were hit badly by wildfires, a stronger Canadian loonie, and low commodity volumes.  However sometimes losing major contracts to haul goods, or the end of seasonal traffic such as grain loads can also cause this action.  For these major reasons all Class one railroads must from time-to time store large numbers of locomotives.  CP use the following criteria to decide on what locomotive models get stored: The Age of the Locomotive, Reliability, and its Performance.   The model series to be stored gets drained of fluids, the roof stack is covered, to prevent water corrosion, the Batteries are disconnected and sometimes removed, and depending on the storage location, the cab may get locked to prevent vandalism. 

CP Locomotives Retire, Surplus, Stored or Sold

The bidding is now closed on the recent SD40-2's and GP9u's listed for sale on CP's website.  Dispositions are coming, but at this juncture we have none sold as of July 11th, 2016. We will update you when we have confirmation of buyers. .


 CP 5583 - Calgary AB

CP 5671 - Calgary AB

CP 5717 - Calgary AB

CP 6608 - Calgary AB

CP 6612 - Calgary AB

CP 5775 - Coquitlam BC

CP 5687 - Moose Jaw SK

CP 5727 - Moose Jaw SK

CP 5741- Moose Jaw SK

CP 5755- Moose Jaw SK

CP 5764- Moose Jaw SK

DME 6095 - Moose Jaw SK

CP 5749 - Moose Jaw SK

DME 6096 - Moose Jaw SK

DME 6076 - Humbolt MN

DME 6092 - Humbolt MN

ICE 6211 - Humbolt MN

CP 5698 - ST Paul MN

DME 6089 - ST Paul MN

DME 6093 - ST Paul MN

DME 6200 - ST Paul MN

DME 6368 - ST Paul MN

CP 5690 - Montreal QC

CP 5677 - Toronto ON

DME 6085 - Toronto ON   

Four remaining CP GP9u's were listed for sale on CP's website with bids closing July 7th.   There is also an unknown fourth unit number. (Photos are by Bill Sanderson and Ron Visockis).


CP 1533 - Toronto ON

CP 1542 - Toronto ON

CP 8249 - Toronto ON

 Officially all the units sold in the Asset Sales come off the books  However the units listed below as "sold" in the last auction sale only one was actually in Retired status!  That being CP SD40-2 5697, which was retired in 2011.  The other 24 units sold, were still on the roster as of May 1, 2016, long after they were advertised for sale.  Therefore we can surmise that CP will only have them leave the roster when they are sold! 

The following former CP, STL&H and DM&E locomotives were sold in the CP Asset Disposition on-line Auction that ended on April 25th, 2016. The 25 units in the April auction were sold in May, along with CP 5763 which was not in the auction - all have gone to Larry's Truck Electric, except for ICE 6210 which was sold to Independent Locomotive Service.

CP 5420, CP 5612, CP 5642, CP 5697, DME 6073, DME 6083, DME 6091, DME 6201, DME 6359, DME 6360, DME 6362, DME 6363, DME 6364, DME 6365, DME 6366, DME 6367, DME 6370, ICE 6102, ICE 6210, ICE 6213, ICE 6214, ICE 6216, STLH 5560, STLH 5615, and STLH 5651. All 25 units have been moving since May, June, and July. 

Ex-STL&H 5651 and ex-DME 5360 were sent to LTEX in late May via CSX Frontier Yard.  CSX Q385 was photographed by Stephan Koenig with ex-CP SD40-2's STL&H 5651 and DME 6385 dead in tow at Harborcreek, PA, on May 26th, 2016.

CP 5763 was sold to Larry's Truck Electric and shipped to Lordstown, Ohio in May 2016

 In May, CP GP9u 1650 was sold the Landisville RR, where the geep will perform switching duties at their Port Transload facilities. 

 In April Former CP SD40M-2 5490 and SD40-2 5573 were sold to National Railway Equipment.  

 In April, Ontario Southland Railway  acquired CP GP9u 1594

 CP GP9u 1624 was acquired by the Aspen Crossing Railway in Mossleigh, AB, and is now operating on the tourist train there. 

CP GP9u 1605 was sold to Respondek in September 2015, and is in service on the Port Harbor Railroad, in Indiana.

CP 8218 was sold to the Pennsylvania Northeastern RR on August 18, 2015, and is in service at her new Keystone State home.

Fifteen GP9u's were sold to LTEX on June 26, 2015:  1532, 1547, 1555, 1560, 1585, 1590, 1597, 1604, 1633, 1634, 8200, 8220, 8231, 8239 and 8250, all at location.

The last GP9u on the CP roster CP 8249, was last leased to Gardner Dam Terminal Railway which ended in September 2015.  She is still stored in Toronto declared Surplus, and remains for sale. 

The remaining seven CP's Red Barn's remain on the roster, but have been stored since Oct. 31st, 2015.  The numbers are:  CP 9001, 9003, 9006, 9007, 9008, 9009 and 9015.  The class unit CP SD40-2F 9000 was retired back in December 2012, and has been scrapped.  All the other CP SD40-2F's are retired and sold, and a pair used in the SD30C-ECO program.  CP SD40-2F 9004, 9010, 9011, 9014, 9017 and 9020-9024 were sold to Central Maine & Quebec (CMQ), in September, with the CP road numbers retained.

CP Rebuild Programs

CP GP38-2 RCL and Overhaul program:  

CP is continuing installations of Remote Control (R/C) equipment on their GP38AC/GP38-2 units at both CADRAIL in Montreal, and at NRE in Silvis, IL  According to our contacts, at NRE, an RCL install takes approximately 7 to 10 days to complete.   The program can sometimes include overhauling the locomotive to Tier 0+ compliance, and upgrading with AESS (Automatic Engine Start/Stop), and full CP repaint.   

 National Railway Equipment  Silvis, IL:

Over the month of July, CP 4608 NRE finishing up the cab and control stand wiring. CP 2066 was repainted and lettered, and all the inside cab wiring work was completed. It was being tested in late July. CP 3094 was placed on the under frame straightener inside the shop. CP 3049 is parked inside the shop waiting for work.  CP 3037 and CP 3039 are awaiting micro rebuild. CP 3080 has the ZTR install in process.  CP 3002 and 3016 are complete at NRE and are being tweaked before release. CP GP38-2 4445 is a brand new arrival coming in the shop on July 21st.  She has major wreck damage on the Pilot, lower part of the Nose,  the Sanders, Underbelly and Coupler box area,  after a hard 17-MPH Yard Collision two months ago. She was NRE's very first GP38-2 Rebuild for CP! 

Units Released back to CP:


CP GP38AC 3000 - (Released in June 2016 with NO repaint)

CP GP38AC 3002 - (Released in June 2016 with NO repaint)

CP GP38-2 4417 (Released in June 2016 painted)

CP GP38-2 3023 (Released in May 2016 painted)

In Progressat NRE:


CP GP38AC 3002 - Complete, testing, and being tweaked

CP GP38AC 3016 - Complete, testing, and being tweaked

CP GP38-2 3037 - For Micro Overhaul 

CP GP38-2 3039 - For Micro Overhaul 

CP GP38-2 3049 - Awaiting to begin Engineering Overhaul

CP GP38-23 3080 - Now undergoing ZTR installation

CP GP38-2 3094 - Just beginning the Engineering Overhaul in June

CP GP38-2 4445 - Arrived July 21st with front end wreck damage.

CP GP40 4608 - (ex-SOO) CP Repaint, and is almost complete

CP GP38-2 7311 - (ex-D&H) Engineering Overhaul began in June

SOO GP40N 2066 - (nee-MILW GP40) Complete and now being tested

 CP GP40 4608 in fresh paint on July 27th.

SOO SD60 6033 is also at NRE undergoing wreck repairs.  The locomotive was undergoing the repairs in May and is still there, and is reported be getting a CP repaint.

CADRAIL Lachine, QC:

The only CP Remote Control GP38-2 currently being completed at Cadrail is

(Former SOO) CP 4404. The last GP38-2's released from CAD with the RCL system, ZTR, cab modifications and repaint were CP 4404, 4442, 4508, and 4433 which were completed in January 2016.  No others are waiting for work on the property at present.

SOO SD60 overhaul - Contract Completed:

On July 14th, Dennis Weber shot one of the CP SD60's on a late-running Train #484, with CP 6243, and NS 2598 passing through the Amtrak Station in La Crosse, WI.  

CAD Railway Industries (Lachine, QC), completed the former SOO LINE SD60 and SD60M overhaul and repaint contract for the Canadian Pacific Railway in August 2013. The overhauls included Tier 0+ compliance, installation of AESS (Locomotive Automatic Engine Start/Stop) to conserve fuel.  All are in Candy Apple Red and renumbered into the CP 6200-series, and each received (PTC) Positive Train Control modifications at the CP St-Luc Diesel Shop. They did not get any cab upgrades however. 

 CP SD60's and SD60M's released from CAD during 2012 and 2013: CP 6221, 6222, 6223, 6225, 6228, 6229, 6230, 6231, 6232, 6234, 6236, 6238, 6239, 6240, 6241, 6242, 6245, 6243, 6246, 6247, 6248, 6249, 6250, 6251, 6252, 6254, 6255, 6256, 6257, 6258, 6259, 6260, and 6262.  All are in service, and equipped as leaders.

The SOO LINE painted SD60's status as of April 2016:

SOO 6026, 6027, 6035, 6037 and 6053 all remain in service.

SOO 6024 and 6044 are still stored unserviceable since Dec 31st, 2015

In late-April 2016, SOO SD60 6033 was sent to NRE in Silvis for wreck repairs which are currently underway.

 CP SD30C-ECO  latest order Completed:

All CP SD30C-ECO units from the second order have been delivered, and are in service:  The final pair (CP 5048 and 5049), were released from the plant in Mexico on March 20th, 2016.  

The first 20 unit order of SD30C-ECO units built at EMD/Progress Rail in Mayfield, KY, was completed back in January 2014. CP 5000-5019, are all in service and since April 2015 were reassigned from Shorham Shop in St-Paul, Minnesota, to Golden, BC  

CP GP20C-ECO all three orders completed:

CP's third order for 60 CP GP20C-ECO units (2270-2329) was completed last year, with the delivery of the final units CP 2316, 2321, 2328 and 2329 arriving on January 26th, 2015, and CP 2287, on January 31st.  2015. These EMD Muncie, IN-built locomotives are brand new, with only the Blomberg trucks, and air compressor salvaged from the retired GP9u's.

The first order of 30 GP20C-ECO units


CP 2200-2229 are assigned to St. Paul, MN.      

The second order has the following Canadian assigned units;  

CP 2230-2249 are assigned to Alyth Yard, in Calgary, AB.

CP 2250-2269 are assigned to Toronto Yard.

 The third order of GP20C-ECO units is complete, with CP 2270-2329 assigned as follows:


St. Paul, MN: 2270, 2271, 2272, 2273, 2274, 2277, 2278, 2302, 2306, 2324, 2325;

Moose Jaw, SK: 2275, 2276, 2285, 2289, 2294, 2296, 2297, 2298, 2301, 2305, 2309, 2318, 2322, 2326;

Toronto, ON: 2279, 2280, 2281, 2282, 2286, 2288, 2290, 2292, 2307, 2319;

Winnipeg, MB : 2283, 2284, 2291, 2299, 2304, 2308, 2312, 2313, 2315, 2317;

Calgary, AB: 2287, 2293, 2295, 2300, 2303, 2310, 2311, 2314, 2316, 2320, 2321, 2323, 2327.

Golden, BC: 2234, 2245, 2328 and 2329.

 On June 5th CP H-19's motive power showed a very modern Canadian Pacific Railway with CP SD30C-ECO 5045, and CP GP20C-ECO 2219 at La Crosse, Wisconsin.  Dennis Weber photo).

CP Leased Locomotive Roundup: (By Bruce Chapman and Earl Roberts)

CEFX AC4400CW: 1002, 1006, 1007, 1014, 1018-1020, 1023, 1024, and 1026-1059, are all reported to be in service. 

 Trace: CEFX 1002-1059 as of July 20, 2016

(Only AC4400CW Locomotives Leased to CP are included)

CEFX 1002 D Red Wing,Mn 21:03pm

CEFX 1006 D Oshawa,ON 21:25pm(e)

CEFX 1007 D Smiths Falls,ON 18:54pm

CEFX 1014 A Bensenville,Il 06:00am

CEFX 1018 D Bensenville IMS,Il 15:19pm

CEFX 1019 A Inter.Kansas City,Mo June 5

CEFX 1020 A Eastport,ID July 18

CEFX 1023 A Lethbridge,AB 20:25pm

CEFX 1024 A Galt,ON 22:30pm

CEFX 1026 A Toronto Yard,ON June 29

CEFX 1027 A Sudbury,ON July 17

CEFX 1028 A Eastport,ID July 18

CEFX 1029 A Inter.Unknown,Iowa April 25

CEFX 1030 A Alyth,AB July 18

CEFX 1031 D Kennear,ON 21:59pm

CEFX 1032 A Eastport,ID July 16

CEFX 1033 A Coquitlam,BC 12:56pm

CEFX 1034 A Inter.Kansas City,Mo June 4

CEFX 1035 D White River,ON 21:55pm

CEFX 1036 D Enderlin,ND 19:54pm

CEFX 1037 A Portal,ND 10:33am

CEFX 1038 A Mason City,Iowa 17:46pm

CEFX 1039 D Thnder Bay,ON 21:10pm

CEFX 1040 A Titsbury,AB 20:05pm

CEFX 1041 A Winnipeg,MB July 19

CEFX 1042/CP 8924 A London,ON 19:19pm

CEFX 1043 A Eastport,ID July 18

CEFX 1044 D Mission City,BC 17:12pm

CEFX 1045 D Regina IMS,SK 20:51pm

CEFX 1046 D Revelstoke,BC 16:03pm

CEFX 1047 A Inter.Calumet Yard,Il May 31

CEFX 1048 A Bensenville IMS,Il May 25

CEFX 1049 A Toronto Yard,ON July 19

CEFX 1050 A Thornton Yard,BC July 19

CEFX 1051 A Winnipeg,MB 19:21pm

CEFX 1052 A Toronto Yard,ON 16:56pm

CEFX 1053 A Cliffton Park,Pa 17:29pm

CEFX 1054 A Eastport,ID July 16

CEFX 1055 A Detroit,MI 16:18pm

CEFX 1056 D Bensenville,Il 09:45am

CEFX 1057 D Medicine Hat,AB 17:24pm

CEFX 1058 D Swift Current,SK 18:06pm

CEFX 1059 A Eastport,ID July 18

CP 6262 A North Field,Mn July 19

CP 9359 A Golden,BC July 11

CP 8846/9812 D Sudbury,ON 19:40pm(e)

CP 8855/8886 D Chatham,ON 22:47pm(w)

CP 8860/8867 D Thunder Bay,ON 21:10pm(e)

CP 8864/8870 A Toronto Yard,ON 22:41pm(w)

CP 8868 A Thunder Bay,ON 21:18pm(e)

CP 8896 D Smiths Falls,ON 20:44pm

CP 9756 D Smiths Falls,ON 21:59pm(expressway)

CP 9731/CEFX 1006 D Oshawa,ON 21:25pm(expressway)

CP 8618/8634 D Sudbury,ON 21:26pm(train 113)

CP 8826 D Montreal,Qc 20:04pm 



TEC on the D&H

On July 7th, Steve Koop Angelicola caught Canadian Pacific track inspection train at CPC 131 at Wadhams, NY on the D&H led by immaculate CP GP20C-ECO 2241. 

Keith Creel to Succeed CEO Hunter Harrison in 2017

 Creel is currently the Calgary-based railway company's president and COO (chief operating officer) and both men formerly held senior positions at CP's rival, Montreal-based Canadian National.

 E. Hunter Harrison, the plain-spoken CEO of Canadian Pacific Railway, insists he will be merely a "hired hand" who obeys orders after he takes on an advisory role and hands over the company reins to president and chief operating officer Keith Creel next year.

 In a widely anticipated move, Canadian Pacific announced in July 2016 that Creel will succeed Harrison as CEO as of July 1, 2017.  Harrison, 71, has agreed to stay with the Calgary-based company under a three-year, non-compete consulting contract following his retirement, "The board said, 'Look, we've got the opportunity to have two pretty good railroaders during a transition period and that's not the worst thing in the world,"' said Harrison on a conference call to discuss Canadian Pacific's second-quarter financial results. "I don't know how much I will be called on. I think it's to be determined. I'm a hired hand." Creel, 48, has served as interim CEO for several periods when Harrison was out because of health issues in recent years.

 Both led Canadian Pacific's unsuccessful effort over the past year to acquire Norfolk Southern. Canadian Pacific abandoned its roughly US$30 billion bid for the U.S. railroad after encountering resistance from the company, politicians and some customers.  Last year, Harrison received compensation of just under $20 million, including a base salary of $2.8 million, according to a regulatory filing. Creel, who like Harrison is also a former executive at Montreal-based Canadian National Railway (TSX:CNR), had compensation of $7.5 million with a base salary of $1.16 million.

 The announcement came hours after Canadian Pacific issued a separate statement saying that one of its board of directors has resigned, days after he lost an appeal of gross negligence penalties for not reporting $18.85 million of taxable income from dividends.  Canadian Pacific says Anthony Melman, who also served as the chairman of its finance committee, has stepped down to assess the impact of the Tax Court of Canada decision earlier this month. Judge Randall Babcock ruled that Melman had been "wilfully blind" to his accountants' omission of the income in his 2007 tax return.  Melman joined the CP board in 2012 and has also been a member of its audit committee. He is a former managing director of Onex Corp. and a former senior vice-president of CIBC, according to documents filed with regulators. (The Canadian Press, July 2016).

The Royal Canadian Pacific Train July 17, 2016

Mark Forseille arrived trackside at about 15:00 on Sunday July 17th.  A few minutes after he showed up, Andy Cassidy does the same.  He had just heard the RCP on the radio at Albion a few minutes prior. The train showed up about 15:30.  It's been a long time since he's been able to catch the RCP.

He took these shots further back from the tracks using my 300 mm lens since the train was on the South track heading west.  He'll have to do some vegetation management to clear around the crossing next visit.  As you can see the grass and vegetation is quite tall there now. (Mark Forseille)

Canadain Pacific vs Auto Industry

Through a reliable source: CP has had problems with the Honda plant over the last year.  CP are now building a new yard and will contract out switching to a shortline (such as Barrie-Collingwood Railway) to pick up cars from the Honda plant and deliver them to interchange with CP for pick up. Therefore CP will only drop off the empties and pick up loads.  Honda is understandably unhappy about this new arrangement.  As well, General Motors in Oshawa, Ontario has just announced it has dropped CP as a carrier.  As it stands, CP will be leaving all the GM auto business to CN, and  CP is considering pulling up their tracks to the plant. 

St-Luc Parimimetre Protection

Canadian Pacific Railway's St-Luc Yard in Montreal haz installed new gates at the entrance into the yard at Westminster. So far the other entrances at Pare Street and Norman Street do not have gates yet.  Whether it will always be guarded 24/7 is unknown.  CP currently utilize their own police cars to patrol the yard.

Fires Bewteen Smith Falls and Perth Ontario

Heavy smoke could be seen rolling along the CP mainline tracks near Perth Ontario,  as firefighters battle a series of out of control bush fires along Highways 7 and 43.  The call came in to the fire dispatch centre in Smiths Falls just past 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday, July 13 and the fires are believed to have been started due to a grinder used on the tracks by CP Rail. The newspaper has reached out to CP Rail and has yet to receive comments.

 Multiple fires have been reported behind Foodsmiths in Perth, near Perth Petroleum Products and stretch from the town, past the Highway 511 intersection. Another has broken out near the Kubota dealership on Highway 43, outside Perth and in a variety of spots along the rail bed towards Smiths Falls. Hot spots have also been reported as far as Maberly and Silver Lake. BBD&E initially responded but as the fires spread, mutual aid and tanker support has been called in from Smiths Falls, Montague, Carleton Place, Lanark Village, South Sherbrooke, Mississippi Mills, Merrickville and Brockville.  "We'll take all we can get," one firefighter reported to the dispatch centre.  The precarious situation also prompted OPP to close down the stretch of Highway 43 between Chetwynd Street in Perth and Port Elmsley. Reports are that Highway 7 towards Maberly is also now closed due to the spread of the fire.  Residents living in the area were advised to be on alert and motorists should make alternate arrangements for the drive home. According to a reporter on scene in Perth, officers are under strict orders to only permit residents through the closed areas "for the safety of firefighters" and "to get pets and loved ones out safe." However, no evacuation was needed.

CP vs Whitewater

Whitewater rafting companies in Golden, B.C., are struggling to salvage their summer season as a David versus Goliath battle continues to simmer. Canadian Pacific Railway has blocked access for rafters to cross the railway tracks that lead to the iconic lower canyon area of Kicking Horse River. It's so popular, it's widely seen as the jewel of the area's whitewater rafting industry.  The MLA  for Columbia River-Revelstoke, Norm Macdonald, says the community of Golden is feeling betrayed, "I mean Canadian Pacific crosses this country and if you can't cross the track, you're dividing this country in a way that's really unreasonable."   The battle was set off just under a year ago, when Transport Canada noticed a group of rafters crossing the tracks. It told CP to deal with the safety issue.  The railway's response was initially clear cut;  no one would be allowed to cross the tracks, cutting off all access for rafters or anyone who wanted to access the river's lower canyon.

"We obviously made a big fuss about it," Ryan Johannesen, co-owner of the Glacier Raft Company said, adding that all levels of government came together with most of the town of Golden to protest CP's decision. "We got the whole town involved, worldwide river enthusiasts from all over were signing petitions, writing letters. It was really noisy."  By April, it appeared the noise had worked. CP agreed to allow pedestrians to cross the tracks this season with the addition of a flagger to ensure safety. 

The province promised to kick in $250,000 to cover costs, including the salaries of flaggers.  Golden's protests turned to celebration. But, just days before the opening weekend of the rafting season, all the air came out of their balloons when they discovered CP had installed a locked gate at the access point. "It was a bunch of lies at that meeting." Johannesen said.  Macdonald, says there was no discussion of provincial liability at the public meeting where CP agreed to continued access, let alone a half billion dollars of liability coverage he says the railway is asking the province to assume. "It feels more like it's an inconvenience to CP, they don't want to do it, so they're not going to do it." Macdonald says. Several weeks into the rafting season, the effects on Golden are stark. About 15,000 people come specifically to raft on the lower canyon of the Kicking Horse River each year.  The outstanding issue, CP insists, is about assuming liability for a "risky pedestrian access. The end of the challenging rapids flows lazily through Golden's downtown core.  Normally, the town would be bustling with rafters and spectators watching them end their adventure in town.

Now, the river is empty and Spirit Square in the middle of town is no longer teeming with tourists. Mike Pecora produces a live music concert in the square every Wednesday, "It's pretty quiet during the daytime. We don't have the bus tours and the groups." Pecora says there are noticeably fewer customers at local  businesses that rely on tourism dollars. "The pub next door and the pub right behind us, those are actually a lot quieter in the afternoon."  Of course, the six rafting companies that operate in Golden and their guides, who are paid by distance, are taking the biggest hit. Johannesen says even though they're still rafting on the upper and middle canyons, there has been a lot of cancellations and refunds for customers expecting to experience whitewater rafting on the "jewel" of the Kicking Horse River, the lower canyon.   Xavier Rabasso rafted on all three canyons on his last trip to Kicking Horse River. He was disappointed that this season's trip was cut short.  "It's kind of sad. I was hoping we were going to go all the way," he said.  Two local rafting companies have taken the attitude that if they can't bring their customers across the railway tracks, they'll simply fly over them.

On the July 1st long weekend, they added an optional helicopter leg that will drop rafters and rafts, for an extra fee at the entrance of the lower canyon.   "Once we kind of came to terms with the fact that CP is going to stand there with their arms crossed, we realized we had to look outside the box a little bit," Johannesen said.  But, the heli-tours to the lower canyon are likely a stop-gap measure for a season or two.   Acknowledging the importance of whitewater rafting to the area economy, the province has committed $45,000 to conduct a study on the feasibility of creating a new access point that doesn't cross the tracks at all. Macdonald, an Opposition NDP MLA, is crediting B.C.'s Liberal government with stepping in to help solve the problem. But, he says he can't help but think this could have been avoided if the railway wanted.  "CP is denying access to our river, to areas we should be entitled to," he said. "If they're treating us this way, if that's how they're going to treat all communities across Canada then there's a bigger problem."  (CBC NEWS)

CP Signalling and Trackwork

CP is replacing the codeline ABS equipment on the Galt and Windsor subdivisions.. from all indications, It's an ABS replacement and not a CTC upgrade. (Subject to change, after all this is the railway) PNR is supplying the manpower and equipment for these jobs, and the new masts went up rather quickly in May between Guelph Junction and Killean on the Galt. As of 08/07/2016 the new signals were not yet operational. The current ABS system is approaching 72 years old (Research indicates the Windsor sub ABS upgrades were installed in 1944).









Blue seems to be the color on CP for July as CEFX units seem to be everywhere. Here we see CEXF 1006 leading CP 8517 as it rolls through Woodstock Ontario July 14th.

Heading eastbound right after it was CP 9803 and CEFX 1027 as it rolled through the CP yard.

Then on July 16th we see CP 8939 leading CEFX 1024 heading east out of Wolverton and through Ayr Ontario.

Dean brown aslo caught CEFX 1053 with CP 8812 on CP 142 at Brookfield East on the Hamilton sub July 10 2016.

Lots of colourful foreign run-through motive power on CP trains again during July, often leading as well!  Ron Visockis caught CP train #142 with UP 5533 and NS 8759 at Belleville, ON July 8th. 

On July 16th CP train 470 had NS 9163, NS 7290, and RCP&E 3421 passing the Amtrak Station in LaCrosse, WI.

Dennis Weber shot CP Train #484 with BNSF 6054, BNSF 8426, CP 2247 and CP 2221 at La Crosse, WI on July 2nd 2016.

Here on July 9th at Dakota, MN CP 580 has NS 9779 9036, and UP 5546. 

CP 686 on July 7th, had paired Ferromex 4063-4087 at La Crosse, Wisconsin.  The train was Ethanol Loads in transit from Marquette, Iowa destined to Chicago.

Foreign power again on CP Train #580 with NS 9263, NS 9156, and BNSF 9109 rolling through La Crosse, WI on July 2nd, 2016.

CP Train #470 had CP 6258, and NS 9225 at La Crosse, WI on July 2nd 2016.

On July 7th, CP H-19's power had two EMD Mexico-built SD30C-ECO''' (CP-5045-5031), at La Crosse, WI. This pair have been together for over two months now. 

Om July 11th, CP #471 had another multi liveried lash up with NS 9017, NS 9601, RCP&E 3423 and RCP&E 6404 at La Crosse. WI. 

The same day (July 11th) Dennis shot CP #470 with UP 4539, and CP 8736 pulling into the Amtrak station in La Crosse, WI.

On July 5th, 2016 Ron Visockis shot these CP Work Cars in Trenton, Ontario.

CP 8783 and CP 8601 haul an eastbound intermodal and autorack train through Belleville ON on July 12th, 2016 (Ron Visockis photos) ,





 Sponsored by YORK DURHAM  Heritage Railway

 CPR 2214 is Ray L. Kennedy's personal all-time favourite steam locomotive. G1s Class CPR 2214 (CPR 12/1907) off an Orr's Lake Push Job on the inbound shop track over the ash pit on September 26th, 1959 (Bob Shaw/R.L.Kennedy Collection)


CPR 2559 G2s Class (MLW 46052 5/1909) being lined up on an outbound shop track likely for the Fraxa Pickup 3:00 PM on September 21, 1959, ( Bob Shaw/R.L.Kennedy phooto Collection). 

Between 1982-1983, the CP RAIL Motive-Power department experimented with pre-tunnel motor technology by adding a large shroud cowling on the long hood of SD40-2's.  This was an attempt to bring more fresh air inside the locomotive engine compartment when moving inside tunnels.  When inside tunnels, the lead units did not have problems, however trailing units would overheat as the diesel exhausts contaminated the fresh air with heated carbon monoxide. In an attempt to remedy this, two units were selected for the first tests, CP SD40-2 5639 and 5640.  While the tests showed  some improvement in air circulation, CP deemed the results inconclusive and they removed the shrouds, and cancelled the project.

Jim Johnston shot CP RAIL's experimental Tunnel Motor SD40-2 5640 at Ashcroft, BC in 1982

CP SD40-2 5639 was shot sitting at Red Dear Alberta, on August 24th, 1982. 

CP 4105 is a CLC-built CPA16-4 taken at Nelson, BC in 1972.  The CPR Beaver Shields were disappearing from many A-units still in Tuscan paint around this time, in anticipation of  their CP RAIL repaint.  (Mike Ray photo).

Let's look at some of the Canadian Pacific Railway Switchers of the 1960-1970 era:  Riding on Blunt trucks, Alco S2 (CP 7020) was shot at Agincourt Yard in March 1970. Note the ACI label on the Battery Box / Fuel tank area. The great news is, CP 7020 is preserved at the Toronto Railway Museum in the John Street Roundhouse in Toronto.

MLW S13 (CP 6616) was shot at the Toronto Diesel Shop in May 1973.

GMD-built SW1200RS CP 8120 was shot in Agincourt Yard, in February 1964.  These switchers survived on the railway up until the 1990's.   CP 8120 is still around, displayed at the Lake of the Woods Railroad Museum in Kenora, Ontario.

Coupled up to a freshly painted CP RAIL RS10, grubby looking CP FPA2 4095 was shot in Toronto, Ontario in 1970. 

Train #1 The Canadian speeds into the super elevated curve at Grovehill, ON, on May 31st, 1957. (Bill Grandin Collection).


In the mid-1960's, Doug Hately shot "The Frontenac" with a Canadian Pacific Railway A-B-B GMD-built diesel consist, just as it was about to depart Montreal West Station for Quebec City.

 Freshly painted CP SW1200RS 8162 does some switching in Paris, Ontario in 1979. Note the experimental handrail panel on the front of the unit. Both these photos were taken in Paris, Ontario by Barry Silverthorn in 1979.









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