AMT ' Agence Metropolitaine de Transport
(Edited by Jean'Francois Turcotte and William H Baird)

From a good source, the new REM  light rail system will use only 1500 volts DC instead of the AMT's current 25000 Volts DC  system.  Only 2 companies have been selected to give a price-fixing the LET, a joint venture including SNC-Lavalin and Pomerleau, and a joint venture with Kiewit plus one more unknown company.

When The REM is operational, the expensive Dual Mode Bombardier Alstom built ALP45-DP locos will truly be a waste of money as there will be no need for the electric centenary and the diesel mode will be needed. As they are not paid for, perhaps they could sell them to New Jersey Transit (who own the same type of unit), or cancel the order and pay only a portion of the cost.  At the AMT Pointe St-Charles Shop construction site, after preliminary surveys were completed it appears half of the new building at the project now will have to be demolished. The new yard that was installed might now have to go as well.  



Ron Visockis shot this AMT commuter train in Vaudreuil, QC. On February 5th. With F59PH 1328 leading with AMT Cab Car 3015 on the tail end.



Back on November 5th, 2012 CRO Editor William H. Baird had the privilege to visit and tour inside the AMT/BBD Sortin Yard (located near CP St-Luc Yard) for the first time. This is a place under tight security and is not railfan friendly. My guide on this day was AMT engineer Guillaume Levasseur-Raymond.

And I noted the following AMT Motive power:

AMT ALP45-DP 1354, 1355, 1356, 1357, 1358, 1360, 1362, 1363, 1364, 1367, 1368, (11 total)

AMT F59PHI 1323, 1326, 1330,

AMT F59PH 526,

AMT F40PH 330, 411

AMT (NJT) GP40FH-2 4144

AMXX F59PH 1344 (at CP St-Luc Yard)

RBRX F59PH 18522, 18524, 18531.


On November 5th, 2012 Guillaume Levasseur-Raymond photographed AMT ALP4-45DP 1364, 1354, and leased RBRX 18522 (Ex-GO F59PH ) inside Sortin Yard (Montreal) following their first test train on the Parc Sub.

On November 5th, 2012 at AMT Sortin Yard In Montreal, QC, a pair of former GO TRANSIT F59PH's are almost ready to push their AMT (Agence Metropolitaine de Transport) commuter trains from downtown.




Metrolinx/ GO Transit/ LRT/ TTC  News Editor ' JOHN S. JEFFERY

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Here is a close up of ION LRT #1, around 630 am on Friday, February 17th, it passed through CP's Westfort Yard in Thunder Bay, on its way downtown to "E" yard. There, it and trailing CEM GO coach GO 4006 were staged for pickup by CP Train 420. Stephen is a new contributor to CRO. Stephen Margarit photo with permission



 This report was presented at the Metrolinx Board Meeting of February 17th, 2017. It provides an excellent overview of the status of the projects underway and those planned for the next phase of construction.


Transit executives excoriate Bombardier over delays to disputed light rail vehicle order.

Fri., Feb. 17, 2017 By BEN SPURRTransportation Reporter -


But whether the pilot vehicle on display is ready or not is at the heart of a legal dispute between the Quebec-based firm and the Toronto-area transit agency.

Wed., Feb. 22, 2017 By BEN SPURRTransportation Reporter -


February 9, 2017 11:00 am | by Andrew Johnson -

An excellent article about the proposed 407 Corridor Rail Freight Bypass and its potential impact on GO transit Regional Express Rail service.


Metrolinx, which operates GO, says it has already taken measures to address pollution inside its coaches.

Tues., Feb. 7, 2017 By BEN SPURRTransportation Reporter -


January 25, 2017 11:05 am | by Andrew Johnson -



 MP40PHT-T4AC -     667 - 682  - 5400HP - twin engine - Tier 4 -

667 - prototype for AC traction version, delivery Fall 2017 for testing

668 - 682 - production versions - delivery 2017 - 2018

MP 54PH -  647 - 5400HP - twin engine - Tier 4 -November 2015

647 is the prototype for the DC traction version of this new model.

MP40PH-3C - 657 - 666 - 4000HP - Tier 3 - 2013 through 2014

MP40PH-3C -  600 - 656 - 4000HP - Tier 2 - 2008 through 2011

F59PH III -  557 - 561 - 3000HP - rebuilt 2011

F59PH IV  -  562 - 564 - 3000HP - rebuilt 2011


PASSENGER CAR FLEET - Updated February  24th, 2017

Source: Canadian Public transit Discussion Board -

Transit Toronto -

 Series IX - CEM (Crash Energy Management) Cars - New Design

With files from Bryan Martyniuk

 CEM DESIGN SERIES IX CAB CARS: First in Service, October 14th, 2015

Supplier - Bombardier

Series IX - CEM Cab cars - 67 ordered

Series number - 300 - 366

Delivered - 300 - 361

In Transit from Bombardier -                                 


 March 2012 - 60 coaches in initial order

August 02, 2016 - 125 additional coaches ordered -

Series IX - CEM Standard Coaches - 4000 Series,

Delivered - GO 4000 - 4005

In Transit from Bombardier -          GO 4007         (February  24th, 2017)  GO 4006         (February  17th, 2017)

 Series IX - CEM Accessibility Coaches - 4500 Series

Delivered - None as of December 25th, 2016

Delivery Schedule - begins in 2017, both orders to be completed by 2020.

 Here is brand new CEM standard coach GO 4007  passing through CP's Westfort Yard on its way downtown to "E" yard on Friday morning, February 24th, 2017. It was staged for pickup by train 420 for furtherance to Lambton Yard in Toronto. Bryan Martyniuk photo with permission

Here is a photo by new CRO contributor Stephen Margarit of CEM coach GO 4006 passing through Westfort Yard around 630am on Friday, February 17th, 2017. What is that in front of it? Why none other than ION LRT #1, being shipped to the ION Shops in Waterloo, Ontario, for completion and testing. Stephen Margarit photo with permission




 These cars are currently being retired as cab cars, and put back into service as coaches, as more Series IX CEM 300 series CEM type cab cars arrive from Bombardier. The 200 series cars  are slated to be refurbished and will have their train operations equipment removed.


The 2000 series cars are now being upgraded to series V standards as well. Coach 2035 was used as the prototype for the series V upgrade program and was finally released on February 23rd, 2016.




 "Design for the electrical and heritage components of the Union Station Enhancement Project are underway and will be part of a DBB procurement scheduled to be tendered in March 2017. The new south platform, including platform reconstruction, waterproofing and electrification at Union station is also progressing with the first draft of the reference concept designs and second draft of Page 7 of 8 the output specification completed in December 2016. This project is a key component of the RER initiative, as it will increase station capacity, upgrade customer service systems and prepare for GO electrification. Design for the East and West Track Enhancement projects is progressing with a target of 50% detailed design completion by April 2017. The EA has also commenced for the East Track Enhancement project. These projects will add new track and improve existing track to increase speed capabilities and additional mainline capacity at the east and west limits of the Union Station Rail Corridor." - page 7/8 -

 Here is a view of Union Station on Thursday February 23rd, 2017, with some of the covering finally pulled back, that has been covering up the renovation of the outside of the Bay Street end of  the station. Adam Reiss photo with permission


Here is a view on February 10th, 2017, looking westward along outside platform 26 at Union Station with a GO train approaching from the west. You can see the front of a VIA train on platform 11 which is inside the train shed waiting to head eastbound. The platform upgrades are in their final phase and all platforms will be equipped with escalator and elevator access, safety lines, renewed track, and electronic signs. Adam Reiss photo with permission                       


GO KITCHENER LINE - (Weston Sub) - Bathurst Street to Bramalea

(Guelph Subdivision) - Georgetown to Kitchener

with files from Alex Sanders


 The RFQ for the design-build-finance construction of a new second track under Highway 401 closed in November 2016. Three consortia were qualified and will participate in the RFP, which was released in February 2017. The new tunnel will allow for both UP Express and future GO service increases to move under the highway without the requirement to reduce speeds through this section of the corridor.  - page 5 -

 On February 15th at sunrise, Alex Sanders caught CN train M384 heading east through the new crossovers at Norval on the Halton Sub. This third track construction on the south side of the CN Halton Sub is part of a Regional Rail expansion by GO Transit on the Kitchener line between the GO Weston Sub at Bramalea and the Georgetown GO Station. There will be a flyover at Georgetown to connect this new trackage into the new third track that was added between Georgetown GO Station and CN Silver Junction. This project will allow increased Regional GO Train service on the Kitchener line without interfering with CN freight trains. Alex Sanders photo with permission

GO BARRIE LINE - (Newmarket Subdivision)

 "Construction on the Dufferin Street Bridge is underway and the main bridge span was completed in December 2016. Work continues on the EA to add an additional track to the corridor and train layover facility in Bradford to support train service in both directions. The draft Environmental Project Report (EPR) will be circulated to external stakeholders, including review agencies, in February 2017 and the Notice of Commencement is expected in April 2017". - page 5 -

 GO LAKESHORE EAST CORRIDOR - (Kingston Subdivision)

 "Ministerial approval for the EA covering the corridor expansion between Guildwood and Pickering GO stations was received on January 9, 2017 and the Statement of Completion was issued on January 11, 2017. This segment of the Lakeshore East Expansion project includes the addition of a third track, modifications to two rail bridges, electrification enabling works and grade separations at Scarborough Golf Club Road, Galloway Road and Morningside Avenue. The Request to Qualify and Quote for the detailed design of Danforth station is currently under review for approval with design scheduled to commence in February 2017." - page 5 -


"Construction of the new East Rail Maintenance Facility (ERMF) continues and is progressing well. Construction of the facility's buildings is well underway with the buildings now fully enclosed. With the on-time completion of the road grade separation at South Blair, demolition of the existing Hopkins Street Bridge, which crosses through the site, commenced in December 2016. Once demolition is complete, the east and west ends of the site can be connected. The facility is expected to be completed by December 2017. Construction on the track connection between the mainline track and the ERMF began in November 2016 and is expected to be completed in December 2017 to coincide with the opening of the ERMF." - page 7 -

 This is all that is left of the Hopkins Street South Bridge on Thursday, February  23rd, 2017, that so many railfans have used as a vantage point to get great train photos. This view is looking westward from an adjacent parking lot into the east end of the East Rail Maintenance Facility. John Jeffery photo

Here is a view of the former Hopkins Street Bridge, on Thursday, February 23rd, 2017, looking southward from the main entrance to the East Rail Maintenance Facility. You can see the backhoes digging out the north ramp so that both ends of the rail yard can be connected. This will allow the construction of the east end of the rail yard to continue now, so that the yard can be completed by this fall. The facility is due to be completed by December of this year. John Jeffery photo

GO - LAKESHORE WEST CORRIDOR - (Oakville Subdivision)


 "The Lewis Road Layover Facility was substantially completed in January 2017 and GO Transit is expected to start using the facility starting in March 2017. CN has completed its study to determine the scope of work required to provide new GO Transit rail service to Niagara Falls. This preliminary study outlines the required infrastructure upgrades required to facilitate this new service. CN has commenced detailed assessments of each at-grade crossing for the service expansion to identify specific needs at each crossing. CN has also commenced the preliminary design of the John Street bridge replacement, which will facilitate train service to the future Confederation station." - page 5/6 -

 Here is the new Lewis Layover Yard in Stoney Creek, on Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017, completed and ready for operation. Metrolinx announced on February 17th at their Board Meeting that they will begin storing trains here in March, in order to eliminate the daily deadheading of trains between Willowbrook and West Harbour GO Station. The eastward connection from West Harbour GO Station to the CN Grimsby Sub will be constructed at a later date. John Jeffery photo


Here is a view of  CN Stuart, on Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017, looking northward from the Bay Street bridge, at the West Harbour GO Station. You can see the west end of the third main line  which will connect Hamilton Junction to CN Stuart. This new track is currently under construction . GO Transit will begin using the end of this new track that is connected to CN Stuart as a tail track, to allow trains to and from the new Lewis Layover Yard in Stoney Creek, to access the West Harbour Station track. Eventually the third main track will be extended eastward from the West Harbour GO Station to the Confederation GO Station in Stoney Creek, which will be completed in 2019. John Jeffery photo

 Here is GO Train GO 600 East, with newly delivered CEM cab car GO 361  trailing, on the CN Grimsby Sub at Hamilton Junction, returning eastbound from the West Harbour GO Station, on Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017. Brand new CEM coach GO 4003, which has just been delivered, was also in the consist of this train. Behind this train you can see the track sub base and retaining walls for the third main line under construction. Trackwork will commence in the spring. In the foreground is the newly completed Desjardins Canal Bridge which will connect the new third main line eastward to Hamilton Junction and Bayview Junction.  John Jeffery photo


Here is GO 339 West with trailing Tier 2 MP40PH-3C GO 630, westbound through Bayview Junction on the CN Oakville Sub. This train will shortly enter Hamilton Junction and swing over onto the CP tracks to gain access to the Hunter Street GO Station which is in downtown Hamilton. Hamilton Junction and Bayview Junction will  be reconfigured shortly to allow the new third main line from West Harbour GO Station to connect directly into number three track at Bayview Junction. John Jeffery photo



 "The RFQ for the Cooksville parking structure and new station building project was released on September 13, 2016 and the RFP was released in January 2017. The project includes 1,900 new parking spaces, a new station building, a new bus loop, a new pedestrian bridge connection to the platform and various station access improvements.

The reinstatement of track that was previously removed during the reconfiguration of the West Toronto Diamond commenced in October 2016 and will be completed by mid-2017. The track reinstatement is required to maintain current train frequencies on the Milton Corridor as well as allow for future increases in train trips." - page 6 -


 "Construction on the new Bloomington Road station began in January 2017. This station will eventually be the northern-most station on the Richmond Hill Corridor and is expected to be completed in 2019." - page 6 -

 GO - STOUFFVILLE CORRIDOR (Uxbridge Subdivision)

"Construction of one new train storage location as part of the new Lincolnville Layover was completed in December 2016. Two additional train storage locations are currently under construction and will be completed prior to the start of additional peak hour service along the Stouffville Corridor by 2019. The construction of the double track between Milliken Station and north of Agincourt Station is currently underway. The contract for the construction of the second track between the Scarborough Junction and Agincourt GO station was awarded in December 2016.The design-build-finance RFP for the design and construction of three stations (Agincourt, Milliken and Unionville) and a grade separation at Steeles Avenue is currently in the in-market phase. The RFP is expected to close in March 2017 with financial close expected in Summer 2017." - page 6 -

 Here is a view on Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017, of the entrance ,on the right, to the Lincolnville Layover yard and GO Station at mileage 38.9 of the CN  Uxbridge Sub. The track straight ahead continues on to the end of track at the former CN Uxbridge Station which is at mileage 28.43. This station is the headquarters of the York Durham Heritage Railway which runs a tourist train between Uxbridge and Stouffville. There has been some discussion about extending GO Stouffville line service all the way to Uxbridge. Originally this line used to run all the way to Lindsay, where it connected with the Midland Sub. John Jeffery photo

UNION PEARSON EXPRESS - (Weston Subdivision)

 "The RFQ for the design-build-finance construction of a new second track under Highway 401 closed in November 2016. Three consortia were qualified and will participate in the RFP, which was released in February 2017. The new tunnel will allow for both UP Express and future GO service increases to move under the highway without the requirement to reduce speeds through this section of the corridor." - page 5-




With files from Stephen Margarit and Phil Muller

 BREAKING NEWS - ION LRT #1 was  delivered to  the ION Shops in Waterloo late on Thursday, February 23rd, 2017 by the Goderich and Exeter Elmira branch line train. Follow this link to see a photo of the train being welcomed by local politicians on the morning of Friday, February 24th, 2017.  Regional Councillor Tom Galloway says that LRT #2 and #3 will follow in a couple of months from the Bombardier plant in Millhaven where the rest of the 14 trams are being constructed. -

 Here is a photo by Bryan Martyniuk of ION LRT #1 with CEM GO coach GO 4006 peeking out from behind, on Friday, February 17th, 2017, sitting in CP's "E" yard in Thunder Bay. They were staged for pickup by CP Train 420. GO 4006 was destined for delivery to GO Transit's Willowbrook Shops in Mimico. ION's LRT #1 was headed for the ION shops in Waterloo, Ontario, adjacent to the Goderich and Exeter /Elmira branch line, for completion and testing. Bryan Martyniuk photo with permission


Here is another close-up view of ION LRT #1 on Monday, February 20th, 2017 at CP's Spence Yard near Alliston, Ontario. It was dropped off the night before and was picked up this day by CP Train 235.  It is in transit from Bombardier's plant in Thunder Bay to the ION LRT Shops in Waterloo, Ontario, with final delivery by the Goderich and Exeter Elmira local switcher. Phil is a new CRO contributor. Phil Muller photo with permission


Here is an overall view of CP's Spence Yard near Alliston, Ontario on Monday, February 20th, 2017 looking southward. The Mactier Sub main line is the track closest to the camera. ION LRT#1 is spotted on yard track number three, in the foreground waiting for pickup by CP Train 235. Phil Muller photo with permission


ION LRT have released their Stage 2 public documents and display boards and are encouraging the public to provide feedback on the proposed route. Click on the link below to review the planning documents. -



Ryan Flanagan, CTV Kitchener

Published Friday, February 10, 2017



CEO Report for TTC Board Meeting of February 21st, 2017 -



 "A milestone was reached on February 13th (2017) when Downsview Park became the first station to achieve "Substantial Performance". Only a few weeks earlier a media tour showed reporters the virtually complete facility and I can report very good progress on the other five stations. The project remains on target for the key milestone to energize tracks by the end of March. This will enable the testing and commissioning and trial operations phases to commence." - page 13 -


With files from Bryan Martyniuk


Updated February 10th, 2017

 A second Flexity Outlook production line is being set up in Thunder Bay and Bombardier has promised to deliver 40 new streetcars in 2017.

The 514 Cherry Line is currently being populated with  Flexity Outlook trams as additional units arrive from Thunder Bay (4432 is the latest delivery). Once that process is complete, the 505 Dundas  line will be next in line to receive the Flexity Outlook cars.

 4401 - Prototype unit -The last of three prototype trams that is not yet upgraded to the revenue service version. It continues carrying out testing and driver training. This prototype tram will be returned to Bombardier in Thunder Bay sometime in 2017, for upgrading,.

 4400 and 4402 to 4431- In revenue service on the 509 Harbourfront line, 510 Spadina line, and 514 Cherry line. The 505 Dundas line will be the next line to be populated with Flexity trams.

 4431 - The 31st Flexity tram - entered revenue service on the 514 Cherry Street line on February 11th, 2017.

 4432 - The 32nd Flexity tram - Shipped from Bombardier in Thunder Bay, Wednesday, February 15th, 2017. As of Thursday, February 23rd, 2017 it is at Leslie Barns being tested and performing the mandatory 600 km "burn in" prior to entry into service.

 Here is an excellent photo, of TTC 4432 by Bryan Martyniuk from Thunder Bay, on Wednesday, February 15th, 2017. The Flexity tram is passing through Westfort Yard on its way downtown to "E" yard. This photo is enhanced by the excellent composition and great sunlight. Not only is the tram highlighted but also you can also see all of the interior detail. Bryan Martyniuk photo with permission


Here is the 30th Flexity tram, TTC 4430, on Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017, westbound on the 509 Harbourfront line at Queen's Quay and Spadina Avenue. 4430 was the last Flexity tram delivered in 2016, and went into revenue service on December 31st, 2016. John Jeffery photo


Click on the link below to see photos posted in Twitter, by Ben Spurr, Toronto Star Transportation Reporter, of 4431 being unloaded at Hillcrest Shops - twitter,com/benspurr



Posted by Derek Flack / NOVEMBER 21, 2016

 htttps:// -


Here are some shots of the ION LRV on the moved from London to Woodstock Ontario Feb 22 2017

First shot is it rolling through Zorra Ontario on the London pickup, Mile 94 CP Galt Sub passing by the LaFarge processing plant.

Next time we caught up with it was Arriving in Woodstock Ontario Mile 88 Galt Sub as it rolls across Oxford Street.

CP London pick up work was done after setting off cars fro Ontario Southland Railway and it is heading out of Woodstock on its way to Wolverton and then Galt Ontario.

We also managed to catch it rolling through Dorchester, Zorra and Woodstock Ontario. Some shots of the local CP jobs in London, Zorra and Woodstock Ontario.




In 2016, TransLink (who operated the West Coast Express) logged 385 million boardings, marking a new record for the agency, which serves Vancouver, British Columbia. The 2016 ridership represents a 4.5 increase from 2015's record ridership of 363 million boardings, TransLink officials said in a press release. Agency officials attributed the ridership boost, in part, to Vancouver's economic growth. The area had Canada's fastest-growing metropolitan economy in 2016 and is experiencing its lowest unemployment rates since the 2007-08 economic downturn, TransLink officials said. "Ridership is one way we measure our success as a transit agency, and increasing the number of people on our system is something we've set as a core priority," said TransLink Chief Executive Officer Kevin Desmond. "The 2016 numbers show us there is strong demand for public transportation options."  TransLink operates four main modes of transportation: the Skytrain rail system, West Coast Express commuter rail, Seabus and Coast Mountain Bus Co. services. 

Ridership figures are one of 30 performance measures that appear on TransLink's new accountability center site, which launched late last week. The site also features TransLink's on-time performance, as well as metrics on customer satisfaction, safety and fiscal management. (Photos of WCE F59PHI 902 and WCE Cab Car 103 were taken by Mark Forseille)


 This set was taken on Wednesday January 4th, 2017 by Andy Cassidy.   

I'm at Westwood, Mile 112.8 on the CP Cascade Sub, but this time I'm on the Port Coquitlam side of the street to the North of the CP tracks.  It was getting darker by the moment. After all, it's not too far past the shortest day of the year; and I'm still standing out here in the cold at 1620 Hrs. If it was overcast I'd have left long ago, but being clear there was still a light sky. So this gave me opportunity to catch the first of the West Coast Express (WCE), commuter trains heading East from Vancouver to Mission. Train #1 departs downtown Vancouver at 1550 Hrs and should be at Coquitlam Central Station (just West of my location) by 1619 Hrs. However, the WCE has been hamstrung by CP of late with numerous delays caused by conflicting freight movements; so I'm not sure what to expect.   

I see him in the distance at the station, having arrived a few minutes late. Come on, come on, I keep saying to myself. Every minute it's getting darker and I the ISO setting on the camera is going to have to by sky high to get decent shots. I can't drop the shutter speed as he moves too fast, unlike the freights that go by here. Anyhow, he finally leaves the station and heads my way. It's 1627 Hrs and he's finally in view. He was due into the Port Coquitlam station at 1624 Hrs, so he's behind schedule.   

The train is lead by WCE 901 (GMD FP59PHI) and nine Bombardier Bi-Level Coaches. The last car #107 is a Cab Car that leads the train into Vancouver from Mission in the morning commute as there is no turnaround point in Vancouver. This is the first of five trains that run back and forth on weekdays. The #2 train won't be by here for another half hour, and by then it will be black out; so I'm heading home.  The photos are a bit soft, but not bad considering the low light. Camera(s): Nikon D750, 28-300 Zoom.

 Google Location Map:


(Edited by William H Baird)


  Please submit your AMTRAK IN CANADA photos directly to William H. Baird  



In October / November 2012, Hurricane Sandy decimated Amtrak's passenger system in New York State and in other parts of the north east. In an arrangement that reflected the spirit of the US Thanksgiving Holiday, AMTRAK got help from its Canadian counterpart VIA RAIL CANADA , who provided 12 Budd-built stainless steel cars for several weeks and especially to assist over  the holiday.  The VIA Rail equipment for Amtrak included eight ex-CP Coaches in the VIA 8100-8147 series, two former Amtrak coaches in the VIA 4100-4125 series, and two (ex-CP) VIA Dome Observation cars "Tweedsmuir Park" and "Evangeline Park". Francois Jolin snapped AMTK 43 heading south with some of the leased  VIA cars south of Montreal as the train approached CN Southwark Yard in October 2012. 



In early February, Shawn Heller clicked Amtrak train #11 rolling through Rodeo, California with AMTK 158 and Heritage painted AMTK 145 hauling  nine cars in pouring rain,  and on time.

Amtrak Train #710 (in a going away shot),  is led by CT 2052 and Cab Car 90218, with five comet cars, and CT 2012 pushing on the rear end  at Rodeo. This was supposed to be a head on shot, but train 525 snuck up on Shawn and blocked his first shot! Rail fanning trackside is rarely predictable!