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William H. Baird - Editor

Founder of the (Canadian Railway) Observations newsletter in 1989 and a fan of trains since birth, William H. Baird has lived in Montreal and London, England and works in the computer industry. William is also an avid HO scale model railroader and has been a member of the NMRA  since 1988.

William founded CRO for the first time in 1989 which was then called "Observations" and mailed out. William is well known in railroad industry.


Jody Moore - Green Rail News

After collaborating with Will Baird for several months, Jody Moore joined the CRO team in August, 2008. He is a lifelong railfan and long-time rail industry worker, having worked as a conductor for the Port of Tillamook Bay railroad, and more recently, technical writer for the now defunct Colorado Railcar Manufacturing. Following the collapse of CRM, he moved back to his home state of Washington, where he is now living on the Kitsap Peninsula. In addition of CRO, Jody's 21-year writing career has included several articles for Trains and Railfan and Railroad magazines, and has been a staff writer for the Tri-City Herald newspaper. He's done various freelance writing jobs for several other newspapers as well. He is the webmaster of several railfan websites, including the Genset Rosters, Green Goats Rosters and the POTB Railfan's Guide.







Tim Hayman - VIA Rail East Coordinator


Tim Hayman was born in 1989, and developed a love for trains at a very early age. At the age of 5, a move to Johnstown ON brought Tim to within sight of CN’s Kingston subdivision, a dream come true for the young railfan. After countless hours spent trackside, Tim fell in love with VIA Rail. Tim is also an avid HO scale model railroader, with a primary focus on modern day VIA Rail in southeastern Ontario. Tim completed a B.Sc. at St. FX University in 2011, and is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree at Dalhousie in Halifax. Although there are many things to love about the east coast, Tim has been happiest for the excuse to ride  VIA’s “The Ocean” many times for trips home to Ontario. Tim joined CRO in early 2011, and is excited to be able to bring his passion for all things VIA Rail to the Canadian railfan community.



Malcom Kenton - VIA Rail Co-ordinator

Born in 1985 in New York City, raised in North Carolina and now residing in Washington, DC, Malcolm Kenton is a freelance writer, researcher, multimedia communications professional, passenger rail industry consultant and train travel connoisseur. Having grown up watching trains on the Norfolk Southern main line and riding tourist trains and rail transit around New York, he has been using trains as a primary means of intercity transportation since the early 2000s. He has ridden trains all around North America and parts of Europe. His professional focus is on achieving sustainable economic development and human-scaled communities through a robust multi-modal transportation system centered around a network of high-performance local, regional, and inter-regional passenger trains. His other interests include blues, jazz, classic country/western and American roots music, record collecting and baseball.



Michael Berry - CRO Production Assistant

Michael was born in 1979 and has resided in the Montreal West area ever since, thus heightening his interest in trains. A rush hour spent at the Montreal West stations is a favorite activity of his, though he wishes The Canadian and The Montreal Limited would still run through Montreal West. He is an active photographer and is always anxious to check out new tourist railroads and museums, as well as to be present for any special railway events (i.e. last runs, holiday trains, etc). He is a member of the CRHA and the RLHS and can be found at Exporail at least once a month.



Terry Muirhead - VIA Rail West Coordinator

Terry was born and raised in Vancouver.  He has lived there all his life. Terry has done several trips on VIA Rail including the following trains....The Canadian between Vancouver-Toronto several times, The Ocean several times Montreal-Halifax, Corridor Trains Toronto-Montreal, Toronto-Ottawa, Montreal-Ottawa, Toronto-Niagara Falls, Montreal-Quebec City all several times, & The Churchill Train Winnipeg-Churchill & back.
Terry has got a lot of knowledge on VIA Rail, its trains, services, and onboard services. Terry also has a few friends at VIA Rail in Vancouver.





Don McQueen - Collaborator (EMCC Diary)

Don McQueen, born in Toronto in 1938, was raised in Brockville, Ontario. His interest in Canadian railway history developed at an early age, and his articles, and contributions have appeared in a number of Canadian books and publications, including Branchline, CN Lines (SIG), Canadian Rail, Extra 2200 South, Kingston Rail, Locomotive Notes II, and Upper Canada Railway Society's Newsletter/Rail & Transit. He is also the author of "Constructed in Kingston" which is Don's premier Canadian railway history reference to date. With co-author Bill Thomson that volume chronicled the history, in text and image, of the Canadian Locomotive Companies of Kingston from 1854 to 1968.  Living in London resulted in a keen interest in locomotive production at GM..




Earl Roberts - Senior News Co-Ordinator




Paul Donovan - Eastern Regional Rail News Editor

Paul Donovan is the Eastern Regional Railways editor for CRO.  He grew up along the New Haven (winter) and Canadian Pacific (summer), and is a lifelong railfan.  Paul worked for both Amtrak and briefly, Chessie System as a contractor on the Chessie Steam Special.  He is retired, having worked extensively in the U.S. Defense Industry, publishing, and as a general contractor.  He is a graduate of Niagara University.


Patrick McKie - Ontario Regional Rail News Editor

Raised in the small town of Rutherglen, Ontario (Just a few mile east of the CPR first spike location); Pat grew up watching the CPR freight trains roll east and west. Now living in North Bay Ontario; He can be seem rail fanning the ONR, OVR and CNR alongside of three kids now and then. The ONR shops and contracts provide a variety of power and cars though out the area. Pat works in the Security field and is a volunteer with the Mattawa, ON Museum, and is currently working on a model railway display with the Museum. He also collect railroad artifact, researches the history of the area and has his own HO Scale layout in his basement. 

Brian Peters - CRO Consultant

Brian lives in Surrey, BC and grew up the son of a CPR Express employee. He traveled everywhere on CPR (The Dominion, The Canadian, The Kootenay and Kettle Valley trains), CNR, GNR and PGE trains out of Vancouver and he still enjoys travel on many trains across Canada and the USA.  Semi-retired, married 39 years and enjoying cruising and rail journeys with many more to experience. He has been a member over the years of CRHA- PCD, NRHS-BC Chapter, KVSR and recently joined the Fraser Valley Railway Heritage Society.  He enjoys HO scale modelling but doesn't have one of his own....at this time.  He models CPR and TH&B (1950 - 1968).  He has enjoyed CRO for the past 5 years or so and looks forward to assisting as/where needed., and the North East United States.

Kenneth Reiss
Kenneth Reiss - CRO Production Consultant

Ken was born and raised in Sudbury, ON.  Ken is a consultant in the industrial automation and manufacturing IT fields and volunteers as a NORM&HC board member.  He is married and has 2 daughters, one of which is a young railfan in the making!  Sudbury is an exciting place for railfans with CN, CP, HCRY, RLK, VIA, Vale, and Glencore all running trains in the area.  Sudbury is also home to 2 railroad repair shops.  Desiel Electric Services (DESX) has shops in the Sudbury yard, on the east end of the city next to CN's line, and to the north of the city next to CP's line.  National Rail Equipment (NREX) has a shop in the Capreol yard next to CN.


Mike Robin - ONR News Coordinator



Jean-Francois Turcotte - AMT News

"Born in 1978, Jean-François grew up in Roxboro,QC, observing CN's 1918-era Boxcab electrics pulling strings of old Pullman heavyweight commuter coaches dating back from the 1920's.  Although the venerable electrics were retired in 1995 and replaced by modern MR-90 EMU's, Jean-François's interest in railfanning and professional railroading never faded.  Jean-François is currently working on transit scheduling and operation-management softwares, a job which is keeping him busy travelling around the World visiting various bus and rail operators."



John S Jeffery - Metrolinx/TTC News


John has been an active railfan since 1944 ,watching British Rail Southern Region trains at Hayes station in Kent, England.  Since coming to Canada in 1949, he developed a strong interest in the London division of Canadian Pacific, while watching steam trains at the CP station in Galt, ON.  He has been an HO scale modeler since 1954, when he received a OO scale Trix Twin model train set.  He is interested in both steam and diesel from the 1940’s onward.  He has driven a D&H Alco PA, rode on the Chessie SD35 Sand Patch helpers from Hyndman Tower, and enjoyed many happy hours of railfanning in Southern Ontario, Quebec, and the North East United States.



John Read - GR17F Coordinator

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