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Fantastic weathering and scenery, by present day Union Pacific modeller Pelle Keld Søeborg of Denmark on his UP 4727 HO Scale Model.

Thank you, and happy railroad modeling. Devon LaChance - Modeller's Corner Editor

Modeling a CN SLUG in N-Scale

By Louis Letourneau

To Start, Louis ordered the SHAPEWAYS N-Scale Kit available on line: (2L7W9SKG2) by txcavgr

Most Railfans in North America in general all agree that the GPRM and CN SLUG combos look cool! As Louis models Candian National in N-gauge a CN Slug, would be needed to run with his CN GP9RM yard units. Most of the slugs ride on Blomberg trucks but a few have Flexi-Coil trucks as well like CN #279. Louis chose to model the more common Blomberg trucks version.

If you look at the handrails on the prototypes, some have white with black stanchions and others are black on black. Other differences include some with a brake wheel stand on the end, and others have them on the side. There are no general rules for these homemade slugs! I have always wanted one and tried to kit-bash one with little success I have had no luck until it became came available in a 3D printer at Shapeways. It is not an easy project; first you have to clean/bath the model in “Bestine” to remove the wax covering the model. I did not use a special primer; the first coat of black was done with a flat black primer good for metal and plastic. My CN Slug model is made to fit on an Atlas GP7/9 frame. The height has to be cut by about 3/16”. I then had to add a piece of styrene to make the frame sturdier after the cut.

I used very fine piano wire for the grab irons. One is shown on Louis' finger to show the tiny size. He had to drill holes on the body after the painting was completed, they holes were done at Shapeways, but filled with paint after many coats of red/orange. Not an easy task to relocate them! Second photos shows the Slug Hood after paint, grab irons and decals.

The Hand Rails were attached with ACC glue which was not that easy to accomplish. The CN SLUG Decal set is from Microscale set #60-939. You will note it can be interesting where the decals go on their slug as each sort of tends be “unique” as far as lettering goes … No two are identical. Therefore, we suggest you start with a good photo of the model you wish to emulate, and then decide to pick another number to get consecutive numbers from the sheet instead of having to put numbers one by one, which is tedious. Very few have the Noodle, but as I like it, I added it.

Louis’ Completed CN Slug 248 is seen here on his N-Scale layout:

It was not an easy task because the material they use for the 3D printing is very brittle. Some glitches on it, but all in all I am satisfied. It does operate on the track very well, but of course there are no lights nor motor inside. No DCC sound that I thought at first I might able to install. Since I had to cut in height the metal frame made of a zinc alloy ( which is extremely hard to mill), I had no space left for a decoder and the speaker. This 3D kit by Shapeways is made to fit an N scale Atlas GP9 frame. Over all it was fun to build and I am happy that I finally have a very unique special model on my layout. (Louis Letourneau).

THE MONTREAL, VERMONT & ESSEX JUNCTION: The HO Scale Montreal, Vermont & Essex Junction is a CP and CN prototype layout situated in Montreal, Quebec and set in the late-1950's. However, it has been evolving recently, as other new members join that are into more modern CN and CP motive power. At the RR club, we see 2 critters waiting. to start their workday at the Cement factory. A GE 45-tonner on the left and 44-tonner on the right. (Yes, the smaller unit is heavier!) A Bachmann GE 44 tonner model, and a brass 45 Tonner. (Photos By Paul Trudel).

TORONTO HAMILTON & BUFFALO (TH&B): Our CRO Consultant Brian Peters took these shots in February of his N scale TH&B cars at the Brookmere Car Shop area. He also caught one of his CP 'mixed' passenger trains getting minor repairs before continuing and the second is 2 loads of 'parts' from Ontario for the Brookmere Car Shop. Photos by Brian Peters).

Modelling from the Prototype

A few loads of Liebherr Canada (Laval QC) construction equipment heading westbound on CN 305 on the CN Montreal Sub (Montreal, Quebec) HTTX 93038 Michael Berry on November 18, 2018.

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