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CRO will post photos in its newsletter or on social media only with the express consent of the photo’s copyright holder. This consent can be granted for a single photo, and can include all photos posted by the photo’s owner. Consent may be granted in writing, via email or social media messaging.

When consent is granted to use all photos owned by a person, CRO may use any photos they post on social media or on their blog. CRO will credit the contributor in a caption or in text associated with the photo, and in many cases be granted CRO VIP free Acccess.

Consent may be revoked by the photo’s copyright holder at any time by writing to CRO via email or letter. Once consent is revoked, CRO will not use the copyright holder’s photos in any future publications of the newsletter or on social media. However, photos already published by CRO will always remain in place.

Please note that consent must be granted by the photo’s copyright holder. In some cases a person may possess a photo, even an original photo or slide, but not hold the rights to redistribute the image. Responsibility for confirming copyright ownership lies with the person granting consent to CRO.

CRO has the right to refuse any photo they feel was obtained by trespassing or any illegal means. CRO will not be responsible for any violations if sender confirmed photo was obtained legally. Final decision is sole responsibility of CRO Editor.

NOTE: Please follow all rules and regulation when photographing with drones near or above private property.

Guidelines for Canada:  http://tinyurl.com/zjrmw5x

Guidelines for US:  http://tinyurl.com/j4pteq6

CRO has the right to crop or alter photos to conform to CRO guidelines.


Ownership of the photo remains with the copyright holder. By granting consent, the copyright holder is granting CRO a perpetual, non-exclusive license to use the photo(s) in its newsletter and in social media.


CRO will not compensate the copyright holder for use of one photo. However For frequent contributors, CRO can grant the contributor free VIP membership to CRO’s properties, at CRO Management discretion.

Thank You


The size should be no larger than an image width of 1000 pixels with a minimum of 800 pixels.  We can no longer accept over sized photos.  Always include the date, location, train number (if known), and other pertinent information in the photo caption.  Photos and complete captions need to be submitted before the 20th of each to be included in that months issue.


Clicking any of the links below will open an email with the correct subject line already in the email. Sending the email will act as a electronic signature that you authorize CRO to use or discontinue use of your photo(s) It will be kept on file by CRO


I authorize CRO to use the photo attached



I authorize CRO to use any of my photos



I do not authorize CRO to use my photos



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