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Perseverance (and luck) paid off!  I was sorting thru my collection of CP TRACKS and the Summer 2000 issue had an article about CP T-Series Sleepers.  And there was the information about the car mentioned in the Bangor Daily News article:   

Name: Tring

Date Built 1948-0500

Type: Sleeping 9300300

Used in 1967 Military Tattoo Train "B"; Assigned #11529 by CP;  Sold Chuck Wagon E.O. 2613 Enterprises, Bangor, Maine, 1972-0500 (Date Sold?) E.O 2613

Sorry to take so long.

Bill Baird

Yucaipa CA


Hello Again William,

 Well, things changed and now someone wants to move it to an island:


(CP-ME) Milford man wants to buy Old Town island for restaurant seating

Almost everyone's eaten in that railway car, he said of the train car, which has eight booths installed.

 (TRING) is the name of the car that was at Captain Nick's in Bangor. It was a 12 section-1 drawing room sleeper built for the CP in May 1948 and was sold to the Chuck Wagon in May 1972'' -wmb)

Bill Baird

Yucaipa, CA 

The "saga" continues - (WHB)

Montreal, QC


How did Jim Tiroch paint and do the art work on those CP heritage units. The reason I ask is I would like to picture fantasy units prior to painting them.

Trevor Coward


From Bruce Chapman:

 Will, regarding your post last month on the four SOO/CP  SD60's on the same train in December: Back when the STLH was up and running, 1996-2000, it was decided that we would get about 30 of the SOO SD60's for Chicago trains 501 503 and 505.  And as this Canada/US free trade thing wasn't signed yet, these units could only spend 183 days in Canada, then we had to send them to Bensenville, and they'd send us similar units in return.  One long weekend in the USA and not in Canada, I'd called the SOO and asked them what was running on the holiday, and they said that 502 would be running 3 times with no connections with a 503 from Hochelaga.

So I had Toronto line up 503 with SIX  SD60s' back-to back, back-to-back and back-to-back.    I stupidly forgot to call anyone in London to come out and shoot this train...he only had about 30 cars going west!!

 They must have thought I had lost my marbles.

 L B C 


FROM THE EDITOR: William H. Baird

Bruce Chapman sent me this terrific look back at Canadian Pacific Railway in 1953 including The Canadian and other CP/CN gems.  This old film by the National Film Board of Canada is a must watch!


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